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The Following is suggested as a way of Meditation for each day




Friday – Mark Chapter 14


Verses 1-11   Jesus Anointed At Bethany

Verses 12-21   The Passover

Verses 22-26   The Lord’s Supper

Verses 27-31   Jesus Speaks And Peter’s Denial

Verses 32-42   Gethsemane

Verses 43-52   Jesus Arrested

Verses 53-65   Jesus Before The Sanhedrin

Verses 66-72   Peter Denies Jesus


Saturday – Mark Chapter 15


Verses 1-5   Jesus Before Pilate

Verses 6-15   Jesus Sentenced To Death

Verses 16-20   Jesus Mocked By The Soldiers

Verses 21-32   Jesus Crucified

Verses 33-41   The Death Of Jesus

Verses 42-47   The Burial Of Jesus


Sunday – Mark Chapter 16


Verses 1-8   Jesus Is Risen

Verses 9-14   His Appearance To Many

Verses 15-18   Go Ye Into All The World

Verses 19-20   Jesus Received Into Heaven